New Advanced Digital Scale Controllers Provide Accurate Monitoring of Water Treatment and Other Chemicals

AccuPro 5000 EK & PB controllers
AccuPro 5000-EK™ with Encoder Knob and AccuPro 5000-PB™ with Push Button Keypad

Scaletron Industries, Ltd., a manufacturer of corrosion resistant scales and volumetric feeders, has announced the introduction of the Scaletron Model AccuPro 5000™ Digital Scale Controllers designed to provide accurate monitoring of water treatment and other chemicals when used in conjunction with its complete line of 150 lb. cylinder, ton cylinder, drum, tank, platform, IBC tote and spill containment scales.

“The AccuPro 5000™’s easy to use interface is available with an encoder knob or a three button keypad input and a multi-level menu system that brings a new level of simplicity and accuracy to chemical weighing applications”, stated Edward Dougherty, President at Scaletron Industries. “In addition, the AccuPro 5000™ helps insure both operator and plant safety by accurately providing the critical data needed to determine chemical usage.”

Available with one or two channels, each with 4-20mA standard, the controllers can be configured to simultaneously monitor levels in two separate chemical containers independently. The AccuPro 5000™ provides excellent accuracy of ±0.1% to ±0.25% of full scale capacity. Featuring an easy to read alphanumeric LCD display, the software allows the user to monitor net weight or gross weight in a variety of formats including pounds, kilograms, gallons, or liters.

In addition, the user may combine different base designs on different channels of the same controller, regardless of the number of load cells in the base design. The user may apply the controller to filling applications, as well as loading applications. Other standard features include an audible alarm with adjustable volume and a leak detector input.

Options include up to four set points per channel, which are programmable for high or low level alarms with relay contacts.

To provide protection from corrosive chemicals, the controllers’ electronics are housed in a NEMA 4X, UL approved enclosure and can be remote mounted up to 200 feet from the scale base frame. The AccuPro 5000™ controllers are ideal for measuring the usage of chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite and other chemicals used in a variety of applications including wastewater treatment, municipal water treatment, industrial process water treatment, municipal and commercial swimming pools and the weighing of chemicals and gases in the chemical industry.

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