Rapid Alert Alarm for Spill Containment Basins Increases Worker Safety, Protects Equipment

Model 4042SA™ Leak Detecting Spill Alarm
The sensor utilizes a phototransistor to detect spills and activate a relay switch.

Scaletron Industries, Ltd., a manufacturer of corrosion resistant digital and mechanical scales, has introduced a spill alarm for use with their full line of spill containment scales. Ideal for industrial and chemical process applications, the Scaletron spill alarm is housed inside an integrated collection basin where leaks and spills are first detectable. The sensor utilizes a phototransistor to detect spills and activate a relay switch. The relay may be used to trigger a light or an audible alarm. Additionally, the relay is readily integrated via PLC with other equipment facilitating automatic shutdowns, lockouts and other safety procedures.

Unlike mechanical alarms with moving parts which can jam or become loose, the Scaletron alarm operates solely on an opto-electric principle. The phototransistor is encased inside a corrosion-proof plastic dome. When a spill or leak occurs, the sensor instantly detects changes in the ambient light properties and the relay switch is immediately activated. This rapid alert technology gives operators ample reaction time to stop leaks and thereby prevent damage to the scale and other equipment. Additionally, exposure time of workers to potentially dangerous chemicals is also minimized.

“Rapid response to spills is vital to reducing and eliminating risk to equipment and personnel,” said Edward Dougherty, president of Scaletron Industries, LTD. “Because it resides in the basin — exactly where spills and leaks begin to collect — our spill alarm provides nearly instantaneous detection. This affords operators a maximum amount of time to take remedial action and implement safety procedures.” Dougherty also said that early detection of spills means over-spill conditions and more serious leakage situations can easily be avoided.

The Scaletron scale patented design has the spill basin mounted directly under the scale with the alarm in the bottom of the basin. Because the scale base is not in the basin, the scale integrity and function is safeguarded from spills and leaks. This assures that both the scale and alarm perform as required in the event of a spill. The scale still measures the volume of chemical while the alarm immediately triggers the relay signal setting in motion safety and maintenance processes.

The spill alarm is powered directly from the scale, operating off of 5 VDC or 12 VDC depending on the indicator of the specific model of scale in use. The operator may select relay signal output — either Normally Open or Normally Closed contact closure. The contacts are rated for 5A at 30VDC and 5A at 120VAC. The Scaletron spill alarm may be used with the 3 ½ Digit, 4 ½ Digit, 1020, 1020B and 1099 scale indicators.

Specialists in designing and manufacturing corrosion resistant scales and accessories for over 29+ years, Scaletron has designed the spill alarm for use in harsh or caustic environments as well as outdoors.

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For more information about the Scaletron spill alarm and corrosion resistant scales, please phone Scaletron toll free 1-800-257-5911.