Ton Cylinder Scales Enable Efficient Water Treatment Operations for Large Water Treatment Facility in Venezuela

Ton Cylinder Scales Installed at New Water Plant in Maracaibo City
Ton cylinder scales installed at new water plant in Maracaibo City.


Municipal Water Treatment


Weighing ton cylinders containing sodium hypochlorite for drinking water treatment

The Challenge – Large Scale Water Treatment

The Maracaibo City water plant in Venezuela, South America was building a new water treatment facility to meet increased demand for drinking water.

The new plant would utilize sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) as the primary disinfectant. Due to the need for increased capacity, the plant was being designed to use chlorine stored in larger ton containers that offered greater capacity, but would be extremely heavy and difficult to handle.

The goal of the city was to design a system that would provide a high level of operational efficiency as well as ensure an accurate dosing process to maintain proper chlorination of the drinking water supply.

Trunnions and Lifting Bars Provided Improved Handling of Containers
Trunnions and lifting bars provided improved handling of containers.

Scaletron’s Solution

Scaletron’s local distributor Dosiclor, Inc. met with the city to evaluate the plans for the new plant and determine their requirements. After careful analysis, they recommended Scaletron’s corrosion resistant, ton cylinder scales as an excellent solution to handle the weighing of the corrosive chemicals in such a large capacity operation. Specifically designed for accurate weighing of corrosive chemicals, Scaletron’s ton cylinder scales feature corrosion resistant construction with a rugged steel frame that is zinc oxide primed and dry powder epoxy coated plus  stainless steel hardware and load cell.

To meet the water plants needs, three Model 3006™ Multiple Ton Cylinder Scales were installed. Each Model 3006 consisted of six scale bases controlled by a single Scaletron indicator with a 4-1/2 digit display.

To provide an efficient operation for on and off loading of the ton cylinders, eighteen storage trunnions were also installed – one trunnion for each scale base. This would allow the chlorine containers to be replaced on a systematic basis utilizing an overhead crane system equipped with Scaletron Model 3000LB™ lifting bars.

Benefits – Improved Efficiency & Control

The new Scaletron ton cylinder scales enabled the Maracaibo City water plant to meet its goal of establishing an efficient, large-scale water treatment operation.

In addition, the new scales gave them precise control over the chlorination process by accurately monitoring feed rates, consumption, and time till empty, etc. for all eighteen chlorine containers at once.

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