Ton Cylinder Scales Enable High-Volume Chlorination Process for Desalination Plant in Jordan

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Weighing ton chlorine containers for water treatment

Challenge – High-Volume Chlorination

The Ministry of Water & Electricity in Jordan was in the process of designing and building one of the largest water desalination plants and transmission systems in the country. The project involved the development of a number of brackish water wells pumping to a nearby desalination plant that was located at 400 meters below sea level. The water would then be transmitted to the to the capital city of Amman which is situated at 1400 meters above sea level through 6 consecutive pumping/boosting stations.

A packaged gas chlorination system was to be installed at pump station #5 to disinfect the water for drinking. The goal was to design a chlorination system to meet the needs of a high-volume water flow while providing a consistent level of chlorine in the municipal water supply.

Scaletron’s Solution

Ton Chlorine CylindersScaletron’s application engineers working in conjunction with their local distributor, Bisan, Inc., recommended the Scaletron Model 3004™ Multiple Ton Cylinder Scale along with the Scaletron Model 1099™ Chemical Process Controller as an excellent solution to handle the weighing of the chlorine gas containers. Specifically designed for weighing corrosive chemicals, the Model 3004™ features corrosion resistant construction and fully digital operation with the ability to weigh up to 4,000 lbs. (1814 kg) per base. This system would provide easy and safe on/off loading of containers and the ability to monitor multiple scale bases simultaneously with a single controller.

To meet the chlorination system’s needs, a total of four (4) scale bases were installed. A dedicated, multi-channel process controller with the ability monitor up to six (6) scale bases per channel was used to control the scale bases.

Benefits – Easy & Accurate Monitoring

The new Scaletron weighing system enabled the Ministry of Water & Electricity to meet its goal of having a highly accurate chlorination process that was able to maintain a consistent of the level of disinfectant in the municipal water supply. The scales allowed them to easily and accurately weigh multiple ton containers while the process controller provided operators with convenient monitoring of the containers’ contents and allowed them sufficient time to prepare for their replacement.

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