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The Leader in Corrosion Resistant Scales for Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Applications

Dual Cylinder Scale
Model 2305D™ Digital Dual Cylinder Scale

Scaletron is the leader in corrosion resistant technology for scales used in harsh environments. We manufacture a complete line of scales and accessories designed for weighing and monitoring the usage, feed rate and inventory of corrosive chemicals and/or materials.

From silicon wafer fabrication and integrated circuit production facilities to PC board manufacturing and electronic assembly operations, weighing technology from Scaletron ensures reliable and accurate measurement of chemical gases during the production processes to maintain high levels of product purity.

Producing an integrated circuit requires over 30 different gases for chemical vapor deposition, etching, oxidation, doping, and inerting applications. During these steps, monitoring the supply of liquefied gases via weight is critical to the advanced semiconductor manufacturing process.

Meeting the Weighing Needs of the Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Industry

We meet the needs of the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing facilities by providing reliable, accurate and safe methods to weigh chemicals and gases used for the manufacturing of silicon wafers, chips and integrated circuits as well as in electronics assembly operations.

Chemicals used during these processes are typical stored in cylinders or dewars as a liquefied gas or in an IBC tote as a liquid. Monitoring the feed rates via weight is vital to maintaining product quality. Damage caused to products by excessive or interrupted gas flow during the production process can be extremely costly. In addition, knowing how much gas is remaining in each cylinder so that the supply does not run out helps avoid shutting down production lines.

Electronics Manufacturing
Printed Circuit Board

Typical chemicals include:

  • Atmospheric gases – argon, helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
  • Corrosive gases – chlorine, hydrogen bromide and chloride
  • Dopant gases – arsine, phosphine
  • Etchant gases – halocarbons, hydrogen chloride and fluoride
  • Reactant gases – ammonia, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, tungsten heaxafluoride
  • Precursor gases – silane, dichlorsilane, trichlorsliane, silicon tetrachloride
  • Soldering and cleaning gases – nitrogen, carbon dioxide

Scaletron’s scales can be found in many semiconductor and electronics manufacturing applications including:

  • Chemical vapor deposition and sputtering
  • Etching of compounds and metallic interconnects
  • Inerting and purging of gas cabinets and processing systems
  • Ion implantation
  • Soldering and cleaning

Whether the application requires a standard or custom weighing system, Scaletron’s engineers will help find the right solution to best meet your weighing needs.

Scaletron Scale Models Designed for Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Applications

Digital Dual Cylinder Scale
Model 2350™ Digital Dual Cylinder Scale

Typical models include:

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