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The Leader in Corrosion Resistant Scales for Fire Protection Systems Applications

Dual Cylinder Scale
Model 2305D™ Economical Digital Dual Cylinder Scale

Scaletron is the leader in corrosion resistant technology for scales used in harsh environments. We manufacture a complete line of scales and accessories designed for weighing and monitoring the usage, feed rate and inventory of corrosive chemicals and/or materials.

From office buildings, retail stores and parking garages to manufacturing plants, warehouses, petrochemical facilities and power generating stations, weighing technology from Scaletron ensures that the proper levels of chemicals are maintained to ensure fail-safe operation of the fire protection and sprinkler systems.

Consisting of either of wet pipe, dry pipe or foam water systems, sprinklers protect buildings and other structures as well as critical equipment housed in computer, process control, data storage and telecommunications rooms. For these systems, monitoring the levels of fire protection gases via weight is instrumental in the protection of both life and property.

Meeting the Weighing Needs of the Fire Protection Systems Industry

We meet the needs of a wide range of commercial, industrial, and government facilities by providing reliable, accurate and safe methods to weigh chemicals and gases used for fire protection, sprinkler and suppression systems.

Chemicals used during these processes are typical stored in cylinders or dewars as a liquefied gas. Monitoring the amount of chemical remaining via weight is vital to maintaining the integrity of a fire protection system. If a cylinder is not replaced or refilled before it is depleted, the proper amount of chemicals will not be available in the event of a fire, potentially resulting in a catastrophic loss of property and human life. In addition, the loss of gas in a nitrogen inerting system can result in expensive replacement of entire piping systems due to unwanted corrosion and leaks.

Fire Sprinkler System
Fire Sprinkler System in Commercial Building

Typical chemicals include:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Halogenated fluorocarbons
  • Nitrogen
  • Pentafluoroethane

Scaletron’s scales can be found in many fire protection systems applications including:

  • Aerosol fire extinguishing systems
  • Carbon dioxide fire suppression systems
  • Chemical agent fire extinguishing systems
  • Inert gas fire extinguishing systems
  • Water mist fire extinguishing systems
  • Nitrogen inerting corrosion prevention systems

Whether the application requires a standard or custom weighing system, Scaletron’s engineers will help find the right solution to best meet your weighing needs.

Scaletron Scale Models Designed for Fire Protection Systems Applications

Single Cylinder Scale
Model 2305™ Economical Digital Single Cylinder Scale

Typical models include:

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