Model 4042™ Series Spill Containment Scales Features & Benefits

Model 4042 Series Spill Containment Scales Features & Benefits

All Secondary Spill & Leak Containment Scales are “NOT” Created Equal

Scaletron’s Model 4042™ Spill Containment Scales offer many advantages that our competitors can’t match!

Ideal for Weighing Corrosive Chemicals – in a Wide Range of Industries

  • Wastewater & Sewage Treatment
  • Municipal Water
  • Municipal and Commercial Swimming Pool Water Treatment
  • Industrial Process & Wastewater Treatment
  • Chemical Process
  • Oil & Gas and Biofuel Industries

Multiple Scale Sizes & Containment Capacities – for a Wide Range of Applications

Scaletron is the only company to offer a complete line of spill containment scales with multiple base sizes and containment capacities. From drums to tanks to IBC totes, our scales are equipped to handle a wide range of chemical weighing applications.

A Variety of Containers – can be Accurately Weighed

Weighs Drums, Tanks & IBC Totes
Weighs Drums, Tanks & IBC Totes

Scaletron’s Spill Containment Scales will accurately weigh a variety of containers including drums, tanks and IBC totes up to 63″ x 63″. In addition, custom sizes are available.

Rugged, Corrosion-Resistant Construction – Backed by a Five-Year Warranty

The Model 4042 Scales are designed for weighing corrosive materials and feature a rugged steel base, protected by a corrosion resistant finish plus stainless steel load cells and hardware – all backed by a five year warranty. Typical chemicals being weighed are highly corrosive and include chemicals such as alum, ammonia, caustic, fluoride, phosphate, polymers, sodium aluminate, sodium bisulfate, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite and other liquids or powders.

Indicators & Controllers – from Basic to Advanced

AccuPro 5000 & 6000 Series Controllers
AccuPro 5000, 6000 & 7000 Series Controllers

A complete line of indicators and advanced process controllers are available to meet a wide variety of application requirements including weighing, dosing and batching.

Four Load Cell Design – Accommodates Off-Centered Loads

A four load cell design accommodates both off-centered and asymmetrical loads. Ideal for frequent on/off loading of containers.

Load Cells Located Outside of Spill Containment Basin – for Reduced Maintenance & Long-Term Reliability

Load Cells are Located Outside of Spill Containment Basin
Load Cells are Located Outside of Spill Containment Basin

Scaletron’s patented design features a scale base with a separate molded plastic spill containment basin. The load cells are mounted to the scale base outside of the containment basin and out of contact with corrosive chemicals. Other designs on the market have the load cells and wiring mounted inside the spill containment tank, where they are fully exposed to even the slightest spill or splash from the corrosive chemical being monitored. Just one spill can cause the load cells and wiring to corrode requiring expensive maintenance and replacement of the load cells.

Less Down Time – for Lower Costs 

Increased reliability means, lower costs. With Scaletron’s scales, cost savings are realized by eliminating the facility downtime that typically occurs after a chemical spill in order to replace damaged load cells and wiring. Facilities will log less down time and more hours in operation by simply using the Scaletron Model 4042 Spill Containment Scale in place of another manufacturer’s. Over the long run our scales save money.

Weighs Both Dispensed & Spilled Chemicals – for Improved Accuracy

All Scaletron Model 4042 Spill Containment Scales insure the highest accuracy of chemical measurement available. The spill containment basin captures splashes and small spills, providing accurate measurement of the net remaining chemical. Spills and splashes are NOT measured as being injected into the water treatment system thus increasing the operator’s ability to accurately monitor the amount of chemical used and to prevent over or under feeding which could be extremely hazardous. This also helps increase reporting accuracy to municipal and governmental agencies thus improving regulatory compliance and avoiding potential citations or fines for failure to properly account for chemicals dispensed into the water system.

Expandable Bladder – for Increased Spill Capacity

Models Available with Expandable Bladder
Models Available with Expandable Bladder

An optional expansion bladder provides dramatically increased spill containment capacity in the event of a major spill or leak.

Optional Spill Alarm – to Improve Safety

Ideal for industrial and chemical process applications, the spill alarm sensor utilizes a phototransistor to detect spills and activate a relay switch. The relay may be used to trigger a light or an audible alarm. Additionally, the relay is readily integrated via PLC with other equipment or a central monitoring station to facilitate automatic shutdowns, lockouts and other safety procedures.

SCADA Integration – for Improved Chemical Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of Scales
Remote Monitoring of Scales

Scaletron’s indicators and process controllers offer a built-in 4-20 mA analog output that can be used in conjunction with a scale indicator. The 4-20 mA output allows Scaletron’s scales to be integrated via PLC with other local equipment or SCADA systems at a central monitoring station. Ideal for remote installations, it reduces the need to visit the site where the scale is located.

Custom Calibrated – for Easy Installation

Prior to shipment, Scaletron custom calibrates and tests all equipment to customers’ exact specifications and application requirements. Scale indicators, depending on the model, can be calibrated in various units of weight or volume including pounds, kilograms, gallons and liters.

With so many advantages it is easy to see why Scaletron’s Model 4042™ Spill Containment Scales are the best choice for all types of water treatment and chemical processing facilities. Contact us today to find out how Scaletron scales can improve your operations.